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Use it as the foundation stone for future plans and they will succeed. Five There could be a permanent break-up just around the corner, caused by someone you know taking off in a totally new and unexpected direction. This card can also warn that something you value materially could be lost or stolen. 75829F7C-37CE-405A-8F11-DA8661B39808 Six You may well be feeling as if every ounce of strength has been sapped from you, having been through a really tough time. But things are reaching a climax, particularly at work.

4 The Emperor is the card of fathering and indicates focus and an energy that gets things done. It indicates that someone in a position of authority will offer advice that should be taken seriously. Reversed it suggests an over-critical, arrogant and impatient nature, that can lead to trouble. Heed the warning. 5 The High Priest or Pope may be a wise teacher, but he can bring with him an unnecessary desire for social approval. When reversed, he is saying that there is an unwillingness to accept change that is preventing moving ahead in life.

Among others are the one shown below, the mystical seven spread that reinforces the magical powers of the circle with the six-pointed star known as Solomon’s Seal, believed by medieval alchemists to be especially powerful. After the cards have been shuffled or mixed, seven cards are selected from an overlapping circle of cards or from the complete pack – in either case face down. 75829F7C-37CE-405A-8F11-DA8661B39808 Beginning at twelve o’clock lay the first six cards, still face down on the six points of the Seal, working clockwise.

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