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Nora, Nora, and you would be a party to that sort of thing? To have any talk with a man like that, and give him any sort of promise? And to tell me a lie into the bargain? NORA. A lie--? HELMER. Didn't you tell me no one had been here? ] My little songbird must never do that again. A songbird must have a clean beak to chirp with--no false notes! ] That is so, isn't it? Yes, I am sure it is. ] We will say no more about it. ] How warm and snug it is here! ] NORA. ] Torvald! HELMER. Yes. NORA. I am looking forward tremendously to the fancy-dress ball at the Stenborgs' the day after tomorrow.

KROGSTAD. Mrs. Helmer, you evidently do not realise clearly what it is that you have been guilty of. But I can assure you that my one false step, which lost me all my reputation, was nothing more or nothing worse than what you have done. NORA. You? Do you ask me to believe that you were brave enough to run a risk to save your wife's life? KROGSTAD. The law cares nothing about motives. NORA. Then it must be a very foolish law. KROGSTAD. Foolish or not, it is the law by which you will be judged, if I produce this paper in court.

KROGSTAD. I promised to get you that amount, on certain conditions. Your mind was so taken up with your husband's illness, and you were so anxious to get the money for your journey, that you seem to have paid no attention to the conditions of our bargain. Therefore it will not be amiss if I remind you of them. Now, I promised to get the money on the security of a bond which I drew up. NORA. Yes, and which I signed. KROGSTAD. Good. But below your signature there were a few lines constituting your father a surety for the money; those lines your father should have signed.

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