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Even if medical, neurological, organic, psychiatric or even healing points of epilepsy were particularly constantly reviewed, rather little is understood in regards to the psycho-social elements of this . The psycho-social effects of epilepsy are arguably frequently extra critical than the severity of epilepsy. reviews express that social exclusion, worry, nervousness, rigidity, suicide, unemployment and homelessness between individuals with epilepsy are better than the final inhabitants. even though there aren't any possible eclectic theories of bio-psychosocial facets of epilepsy, there are a number of present mental and sociological views of this sickness. This e-book fills a niche within the literature at the psycho-social context of epilepsy.

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It is argued that the key issues for the better understanding of the realities and determinants of living with epilepsy can be set out in three major research strands: the need for (more) accurate prevalence data; the fuller use of existing official statistics/data sources and quality of life issues. The need for accurate prevalence data is obvious for without this we are dealing with a nonquantified or only partly-quantified approximation. Designing and implementing research can be lengthy and costly particularly when the populations studied are national or regional.

Further examination of the specific triggers suggests that food is an important gender difference, with females more likely to report a feeling of low blood sugar, diet, and fasting as triggers of seizures than males. Conversely, males were more likely to report touch as a trigger compared with females. The only gender difference in techniques to stop a seizure was distracting attention, with females more likely than men to have tried this method. Female-only symptoms and triggers were relatively common in the current study, and occurred at rates similar to those reported in a study by da Silva Sousa et al.

There is limited evidence of differences between localized and generalized seizure types for seizure precipitants, with Frucht et al. (2000) finding that cryptogenic partial epilepsy and temporal lobe epilepsy patients reported a higher rate of at least one seizure precipitant than patients with cryptogenic generalized epilepsy. Nakken et al. (2005) found that there were similar levels of stress and tiredness precipitants reported for generalised and localized seizures, but did find that those with generalized seizures were more sensitive to sleep deprivation and flickering light.

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