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By Sen M. Kuo

Real-time electronic sign Processing: Implementations and functions has been thoroughly up to date and revised for the second variation and continues to be the single ebook on DSP to supply an summary of DSP conception and programming with hands-on experiments utilizing MATLAB, C and the latest fixed-point processors from Texas tools (TI).

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General-purpose microprocessors or microcontrollers (μP/μC); 4. general-purpose digital signal processors (DSP processors); and 5. DSP processors with application-specific hardware (HW) accelerators. 1. 1 Flexibility Design time Power consumption Performance Development cost Production cost 11 Summary of DSP hardware implementations ASIC FPGA μP/μC DSP processor DSP processors with HW accelerators None Long Low High High Low Limited Medium Low–medium High Medium Low–medium High Short Medium–high Low–medium Low Medium–high High Short Low–medium Medium–high Low Low–medium Medium Short Low–medium High Low Medium ASIC devices are usually designed for specific tasks that require a lot of computations such as digital subscriber loop (DSL) modems, or high-volume products that use mature algorithms such as fast Fourier transform and Reed–Solomon codes.

These generalpurpose-programmable DSP processors are supported by integrated software development tools that include C compilers, assemblers, optimizers, linkers, debuggers, simulators, and emulators. In this book, we use Texas Instruments’ TMS320C55x for hands-on experiments. This high-performance and ultralow power consumption DSP processor will be introduced in Chapter 2. In the following section, we will briefly introduce some widely used DSP processors. 2 DSP Processors In 1979, Intel introduced the 2920, a 25-bit integer processor with a 400 ns instruction cycle and a 25-bit arithmetic-logic unit (ALU) for DSP applications.

The DSK package includes a special version of the CCS [15]. The DSK communicates with CCS via its onboard universal serial bus (USB) JTAG emulator. The C5510 DSK uses a 200 MHz TMS320VC5510 DSP processor, an AIC23 stereo CODEC, 8 Mbytes synchronous DRAM, and 512 Kbytes flash memory. 6 Experiments and Program Examples Texas Instruments’ CCS Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a DSP development tool that allows users to create, edit, build, debug, and analyze DSP programs. For building applications, the CCS provides a project manager to handle the programming project.

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