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By John C. Lennox

'The Grand Design', via eminent scientist Stephen Hawking, is the newest blockbusting contribution to the so-called New Atheist debate, and claims that the legislation of physics themselves introduced the Universe into being, instead of God. during this speedy and forthright answer, John Lennox, Oxford mathematician and writer of 'God's Undertaker', exposes the issues in Hawking's good judgment. In full of life, layman's phrases, Lennox courses us in the course of the key issues in Hawking's arguments - with transparent factors of the newest clinical and philosophical equipment and theories - and demonstrates that faraway from disproving a writer God, they make his lifestyles look the entire extra possible.

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If God created the world then He is precisely the source of this torrent, and it alone gives our truest principles anything to be true about. But if God is the ultimate source of all concrete, individual things and events, then God Himself must be concrete, and individual in the highest degree. Unless the origin of all other things were itself concrete and individual, nothing else could be so; for there is no conceivable means whereby what is abstract or general could itself produce concrete reality.

This is, in part, because of its phenomenal success in generating technologies from which all of us benefit, and in part because of its capacity to inspire, by giving us increased insight into the wonders of the universe as communicated by beautifully made television documentaries. For that reason many people, increasingly aware that the material spin-offs from science do not satisfy the deepest needs of their humanity, are turning to the scientists to see if they have anything to say about the big questions of existence: Why are we here?

Should all church workers hang up their hats and go home? Has the Grand Master of Physics checkmated the Grand Designer of the Universe? It certainly is a grandiose claim to have banished God. After all, the majority of great scientists in the past have believed in him. Many still do. Were Galileo, Kepler, Newton and Maxwell, to name a few, really all wrong on the God question? With such a lot at stake we surely need to ask Hawking to produce evidence to establish his claim. Do his arguments really stand up to close scrutiny?

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