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Americans disagreed, just as we do today, on many issues. Each group wanted George on its side. There was one issue, though, that loomed over all the others: the question of slavery. Like many famous Americans at that time, George owned other human beings as slaves. During his life, he came to believe that this was wrong. As president, he did not think he could convince the nation to end slavery. But he did come up with a plan to free his own slaves. AMERICAN HEROES 30 George was torn by the issue of slavery but did not think the nation was ready to make slavery illegal.

35 inherit To receive something from someone who has died. politics The different ideas and opinions of how a government should be run. slave A person who is owned by another person. surveyor Someone who explores and maps lands, and fixes borders and property lines. taxes Money that people must pay the government. Governments often charge people taxes on goods they buy, money they earn, or property they own. html BOOKS George Washington by Cheryl Harness. National Geographic Society, 2006. George Washington: Soldier, Hero, President by Justine Korman.

1797 Steps down as president after two four-year terms. 1759 Marries Martha Dandridge Custis. 1799 Dies at Mount Vernon on December 14 of a throat 1775 First shots of the infection. American Revolution fired at Lexington and Concord in Massachusetts. 34 WORDS TO K NOW American Revolution (also called the Revolutionary War or the War for Independence) The war the American colonies fought to win freedom from Great Britain. The war was fought from 1775 to 1781. A peace treaty was officially signed in 1783.

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