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By Robert Freidin

Generative Grammar offers a considerable contribution to the sphere of linguistics in drawing jointly for the 1st time the author's most vital paintings at the conception of generative grammar. The essays accumulated right here demonstrate Freidin's position in relocating the speculation ahead when it comes to new proposals, and examine the efforts to appreciate the evolution and background of the idea through cautious research of ways and why it has replaced through the years.

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Mapping spatial PPS : the cartography of syntactic structures

Mapping Spatial PPs specializes in a selected point of the inner syntax of prepositional words that has been really overlooked in prior reviews: the fine-grained articulation in their constitution. With contributions from best students within the box, this quantity investigates such parts as course, place, axial half, deictic heart, absolute (ambiental) and relative view aspect, utilizing facts from Romance, Germanic, and African languages, with references to different language households.

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Endocentric Structuring of Projection-free Syntax places ahead a singular concept of syntax that rigidly adheres to the primary of minimum Computation, within which a couple of conventional yet extraneous conditions comparable to referential indices and representational labels/projections are eradicated. It in particular articulates the overarching speculation that each syntactic item consists via recursive, phase-by-phase embedding of the endocentric constitution {H, α}, the place H is a head lexical merchandise and α is one other syntactic item (order irrelevant).

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Given a prohibition against free arguments in LF, we have an explanation for (13c) and (42c). This condition is clearly a reasonable requirement for a system of predicate calculus within LF, and quite independent of trace theory. For example, the prohibition accounts for the ill-formedness of (44a,b), which are generable under the assumption that lexical insertion may apply freely to base structures. (44) a. b. *The report was published the book yesterday. *Harry seems that Louise didn’t like the leaky waterbed.

This completes the analysis of the empirical evidence for strict cyclicity. 4 Discussion As demonstrated in section 3, under trace theory, all cases of misgeneration by (53) that are excluded by the SCC can also be excluded by (54). (53) (54) a. b. c. d. e. The Tensed-S Condition (=(18)) The Specified Subject Condition (= (21)) The theory of obligatory control (in particular, the stipulation about (39)) Functional Relatedness (= (48)) Functional Uniqueness (= (49)) Therefore, in terms of empirical consequences—and not in principle—the SCC and (54) totally overlap.

D. [ np was reported [ that [S2 np was given Johni a bookj]]] [ np was reported [ that [S2 Johni was given ti a bookj ]]] [ Johni was reported [ that [S2 ti was given ti a bookj]]] [ Johni was reported [ that [S2 a bookj was given ti tj ]]] (31) a. b. *John was reported that a book was given. *John was reported a book to have been given. , to have been given. In (30d) Johni binds a trace in a tensed sentence (S′2), thereby violating the Opacity Principle (specifically the TSC (27i)). The trace of Johni is also in the domain of a specified subject, a bookj.

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