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By Eric Solomon

Sixteen enjoyable diversions for avid gamers of every age within which simply pencil and paper are wanted. transparent directions and necessary illustrations describe the right way to play such outdated favorites as containers, Hangman, Letter-Strings and Buried Treasure and introduce such much less widely used ones as 3-dimensional Noughts and Crosses (a model of Tic-Tac-Toe) and Hex, a online game of conflict.

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I Won: $1,317 I Session Five. Flamingo Hilton. 3:50-4:35PM. Day shift. 2 decks. My three session winning streak came to an end. " I know the sad answer to my question. To stop myself from overplaying and getting barred from all of the very few good games in Vegas. The Flamingo Hilton machine shuffles many of their two-deck games; the dealer then cuts. I prefer a player cutting. Even head-on play and a decent bet spread couldn't make me a winner. I Lost: $77 I Week One: February 28-March 5 39 Session Six.

It's supposed to be as good as the Nugget's. Though I have to see (actually feel) this tolerance to believe it, I did see abundant black-chip action as I scouted the games. Several play pits and areas are a plus: I will have room to roam. The two-deck Mirage games are excellent. The dealer stands on all 17's and DAS is allowed. 2/3 deck penetration seems normal. The penetration seems so-so in the six-deck games-few dealers go past the 3/4 mark. Surrender is permitted in the six-deck games. I'll mostly play the two-deck games and play the six-deckers only if the two-deckers get too crowded Palace Station: They offer two-, four-, and six-deck games.

Toward its conclusion, I suddenly felt tired and decided to return to my apartment for more rest: a I Lost: $69 I mandatory requirement for winning play. Session Three. Riviera. 3:05-4:05PM. Day shift. 2 decks. During this session I got good penetration from Lilly and especially from Mike, a dealer I knew from last year, who is one of only two dealers in Vegas (the other being Mari, who deals at Treasure Island) aware of what I am trying to accomplish. Mike consistently went 3/4 of the way into the deck, while Lilly shuffled at 2/3 depth.

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