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Relates the tale of the making of an "hour booklet" as a marriage reward from King Louis of France to girl Anne of Brittany and the nice fortune it delivered to little Gabriel, Brother Stephen's colour grinder. encouraged through the bunch of violets and cuckoo-buds Gabriel brings into the workroom, Brother Stephen conceives a brand new concept for an illuminated border. rather than portray the border with scrolls and birds and flora within the traditional manner, he could beautify the ebook with borders of gold on which he might paint in life like model the meadow wildflowers, and bees and butterflies, and all of the little flying creatures. As Brother Stephen's colour grinder, Gabriel makes the ink, grinds the gold, gathers the plants, and prepares the colours for him. After the e-book is done, Gabriel slips into the booklet a sheet on which he has penned a prayer to girl Anne: "I, Gabriel Viaud, am Brother Stephen's colour-grinder; and i've made the ink for this publication, and the glue, and stuck the eels, and flooring the gold and hues, and governed the strains and amassed the plants for the borders, and so I pray our lord god may be variety and allow my father out of criminal in count number Pierre's citadel, and inform count number Pierre to offer us again our meadow and sheep, for we can't pay the tax, and mom says we'll starve." How his prayer is responded unfolds within the resulting chapters. Evaleen Stein brings the medieval global to lifestyles for more youthful scholars via her tales set within the center a while. A century in the past while this publication used to be first released, a reviewer within the Louisville day-by-day Courier wrote, "No works in juvenile fiction comprise such a lot of of the weather that stir the hearts of kids and grown-ups in addition to do the tales so admirably informed through this author."

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As he worked, he kept trying all the while to think of some way to help them; but as the monk had passed all his life within the walls of the Abbey, he knew but little of the ways of the outside world; and he had no money of his own, or he would gladly have paid the tax himself. Gabriel's Prayer MEANTIME, though they worked quietly, they were both very industrious; and at last one day, late in October, when the first snow was beginning to fall, Brother Stephen finished the last page of the beautiful book.

This particular page happened to be ornamented with a wide border of purple flag-flowers, copied from some Gabriel had gathered the day before in a swampy corner of one of the wayside meadows. Their fresh green leaves and rich purple petals shone with royal effect against the background of gold; while hovering over them, and clinging to their stems, were painted honey-bees, with gauzy wings, and soft, furry-looking bodies of black and gold. As the Abbot saw how beautiful it all was, and how different from any other of the Abbey illuminations, he smiled to himself with pleasure.

The Hour Book BUT the next morning when Gabriel reached the Abbey, to his great joy he found the chain gone (for the Abbot had so ordered after his visit to the chapter-house), and Brother Stephen already hard at work, and happy as a bird. For like many other artist souls, when things went wrong, Brother Stephen suffered dreadful unhappiness; while, on the other hand, when pleased, he was full of boundless delight; and so, being relieved from the chain, he was in one of his most joyous moods. He smiled brightly as Gabriel entered; and the April sunlight streaming in through the high narrow windows sparkled so radiantly, and so filled them with the life and energy and gladness of the spring-time, that each of them felt as though he could do no end of work, and that King Louis's book should be one of the most beautiful things in all the world!

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