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By Susanne Winkler

This monograph offers the result of an research of secondary predication buildings. The multi-layered account argues that a few of the different types of secondary predication structures range with admire to their distributional, binding-theoretic, and concentration constitution houses.

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B. c. *the eaten-empty refrigerator *the drunk-under the table husband *the barked-awake children Yamada (1987), who advocates two different types of resultatives, presents an argument in the same vein. He claims that only transitive, and not intransitive RSPs, can form verbal compounds. (73) a. b. c. clean-wiped table clean-shaven face thin-sliced cheese (74) a. b. c. 14 The empirical evidence provided above suggests that in RSPs only the postverbal NP that appears with a transitive verb has the status of an internal argument, to which the verb assigns a theta-role.

B. c. d. e. f. g· He laughed himself sick. She laughed him out of his patience. We talked her out of her crazy schemes. They danced their days away. The joggers ran the pavement thin. The clock ticked the baby awake. I shall walk you to the station. Since the examples in (51) contain intransitive verbs that do not bear a subcategorized relationship to the postverbal NP or to the following predicative XP, Hoekstra assumes from a semantic standpoint that the postverbal NP and the predicative XP form a subject-predicate relation, which is syntactically signalled by an SC.

Hornstein & Lightfoot (1987, p. 26)) Concurring with Andrews' (1982) arguments for the VP-internal representation of SODs (see constituent tests (27)-(30)), Hornstein & Lightfoot propose the structure in (40a) for SODs and the structure in (40b) for OODs: (40) a. b. John INFL [VP [ VP ate the meat] [ s PRO INFL0 [AP naked]]], John INFL [ w tv ate the meat] [ s PRO INFL0 [AP raw]]]. The phrasemarkers are given under (41) and (42), respectively:8 36 The small clause analysis (42) IPCS) NP VP John ate NP NP the meat PRO INFL0 AP raw Hornstein & Lightfoot (1987) follow Stowell's (1981, 1983) and Chomsky's (1981, 1986b) proposal that depictives are best represented as SCs.

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