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He didn’t know where it had gone. He had searched the kitchen and finally found the pan under his workbench on the landing that led down the stairs and out to their backyard. Sometime in the past few years — and he hadn’t even noticed — Frannie had moved it 38 out of the kitchen. He didn’t cook at home anymore. He was always working. And the damn thing was too heavy for her to lift. She’d essentially thrown it out. This morning Hardy didn’t go through his routine: shower, dress in his suit and tie, coffee.

Then, suddenly, he spoke with the first real urgency Hardy had heard. ‘But this can’t come out. They get me for tax evasion, they’ll yank my bar card. ’ This was inarguable, but Graham leaned back in his chair, pondering it. ’ ‘Come on, Diz. Why do you think I went to law school? ’ ‘But you—’ ‘I just wanted one last chance to play ball. I figured I’d play a few years, make my millions, then go back and practice law. Then imagine my surprise when I came back to the city and found I wasn’t hirable.

She’d been here an hour and a half and had done almost no real police work. She’d better get on it. But she was at eye level with that painting once again. It reeled her in and held her for another moment. Could that be a baseball mitt — that smudge — next to the fishing boy? ) Was there something else she was missing? Was she missing anything at all? She didn’t know. The other boxes weren’t going away. She’d better get to them. With a last glance at the painting she headed back to the bedroom.

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