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No one is going to back in on you after you've made a twenty-dollar bet, unless they have two wild cards or three of a kind above the ten, or at least I wouldn't. 'So your opponents draw. You stand pat. If they check, you spread. If one of them bets - well, that is a horse of another colour. You're in a mouse trap. Judge your man. ' Monty shook his head. 'Kid, I can't tell you what to do under those circumstances. ' 'To what? ' Monty asked. ' Monty laughed heartily. "These simpletons will never believe you.

A 3 10. ' 'The answer is the same,' said Monty. 'If he's a simpleton I bet the two queens again. Ordinarily the simpleton won't stand two bets unless he has you beat. If he's a strong player, I get cautious and check. If the strong player bets, he usually has me beat. Of course he may be bluffing. It's a good play to make. ' Monty was the keenest player I have ever known. He trained like an athlete and seemed almost clairvoyant at times. It may be that some movement on the part of his opponent, a tremor, a flicker of the eye, talkie-talk or what have you, even something unknown to Monty's consciousness, tipped the opponent's hand, telling Monty when to call, bet or raise.

The producer threw me the discard and I gave him one, face down. By that time Doc had pried Bones's cards from his huge fist, so I slipped Doc a card to fill out the hand. 'Now wait a moment, boys,' said Monty. ' The actor was the only one to answer. ' 'Covered,' said Monty, tossing the money on the table. The producer spread his hand. He held Q K K K 2. 'Four Kings,' said Monty. Doc turned over Bones's cards one at a time, calling them out as he did so. ' 'You ran second,' Monty said to the producer.

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