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By Marzie Zarinbal (auth.), Reza Zanjirani Farahani, Masoud Hekmatfar (eds.)

This publication bargains with place difficulties. place difficulties identify a collection of amenities (resources) to lessen the price of pleasurable a collection of calls for (customers) with recognize to a suite of constraints. There are 4 parts that describe situation difficulties: clients, who're assumed to be already situated at issues or on routes, amenities that might be positioned, an area within which consumers and amenities can be found, and a metric that shows geographical and chronological distances among clients and amenities. This e-book describes those components in every one particular situation version. position types are utilized in various purposes comparable to finding warehouses inside a offer chain to reduce the common time to industry, finding noxious fabric to maximise its distance to the general public, and so on. during this e-book, readers can locate those functions exemplified through real-world situations for every specific version. the connection among position difficulties and different components equivalent to offer chains can also be thought of the following.

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2 Satisfiability Problem Given: A Boolean expression – a function of true/false variables. Question: Is there an assignment of truth values (TRUE or FALSE) to the variables such that the expression is TRUE (Daskin 1995). As the problem shows, satisfiability (SAT) problem is essentially expressed in the form of a decision problem. We just need to acquire the answer “yes” or “no”. A Boolean function is a function whose variable values and function value are all in fTRUE, FALSEg. We often denote TRUE by 1 and FALSE by 0 (Du and Ko 2000).

The number of such paths is, of course, infinite (Francis and White 1974). x; y/ D Min m X wi jx i D1 ai j C m X wi jy i D1 Pi X Fig. 3) 40 E. Moradi and M. 3 Square Euclidean Distance with Point Facilities In some facility location problems, cost is not a simple linear function of distance. As an example, the cost associated with the response of a fire truck to a fire is expected to be nonlinear with distance. X / can take on a number of different formulations. X / treated in this chapter is the gravity problem.

6 Reduction A reduction is a way of converting one problem into another problem in such a way that, if the second problem is solved, it can be used to solve the first problem (Sipser 1996). For example, suppose you want to find your way around a new city. You know this would be easy if you had a map. This demonstrates reducibility. The problem of finding your way around the city is reducible to the problem of obtaining a map of the city (Sipser 1996). Many examples also can be found in mathematics.

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