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In another sense, however, it is a creature. It could not emerge until there were creatures with sufficient internal power to go strongly against the will of the creator, and with sufficient external power to be violently destructive. On our planet the demonic was only latent in worldly creativity until the appearance of human beings. The idea that the demonic is a creature of God is thus supported. Prior to God's creation of human beings, there was no demonic power at work on our planet. It is because of the demonic that there have been holocausts, and that there may sooner or later be a holocaust to end all holocausts.

The second phase answers to the notion of efficient causation, meaning the influence of one being or event upon another. Creativity in this second phase is not self-creation but creative influence upon future beings or events. According to this view, the ultimate reality of the universe is an incessant twofold process: the many become one, and then this one is part of a < previous page page_22 next page > If you like this book, buy it! html [5/29/2009 11:09:05 PM] page_23 < previous page page_23 next page > Page 23 new ''many" that exerts creative influence upon still newer creative unifications.

In general, most of us will find our contributions to God via our contributions to others much more meaningful if we believe that those others are on a journey that continues past the present life. The issue of life after death is at least equally important for the question of the ultimate victory of good over evil, especially that uniquely human form of evil we call the demonic. Demonic power wins its battles against divine power by seduction, intimidation, and destruction. Through seduction it develops those attitudes, emotions, beliefs, and habits that incline us to use coercive power violently with hate or indifference.

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