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By Robert T. Harms

A part of a chain that provides in general linguistic and anthropological examine and teaching/learning fabric on a quarter of significant cultural and strategic curiosity and value within the post-Soviet period.

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Nee-} 'this (one)'= se&- "' se- "'ne&. se& occurs with the nom. -sg. when it is accompanied by stress or immediately followed by J' /; se-, with the nom- sg. elsewhere, with the part. -sg. or gen. -sg. when the latter is followed by a secondary case suffix; ne&-, with the nom. -pl. and part. >- <~>nAn-; to&- occurs with the nom. ; to- with the gen. -sg. and part. ; noll-, with the nom. -pl. and part. -pl. ; nAn-, with the gen. -pl. a g. and gen,- sg. ; na-, with the nom. -pl. _ ag. when the suffix particle {-ld} 'alao' follows; kel- With the 013 ~ea-} 'who' nom.

Conso""«ure 8 in ca e soe hich occur only across syllable boundaries Sequences w ted b a dot. Thirty-nine per cent of all possible nants. are separa y ttested (127 of 324). Following non-initial b:fnations are a r only 121fo (39 of 324) are found. , of YtVz rnixe d vowe1 Cl able-initial syllables, but only lllfo in other syloccurs in Voc lables (including disyllabic clusters). z. Syntactotonemics. -The following general observations concerning the behavior o£. the pitch phonemes in relation to the other sub-laryngeal phonemes may be made.

D) In any resultant cluster of three vowels not covered by (b) and (c) above, in which the middle vowel is one of Ju ii 1e/, the following changes occur: (3) ;'a VeV VuV ViV ViiV > VjV > VuvV > VijV > ViijV Examples! TA-L > lauva of eta e, _, L> 1 • i 1 •· noiTA· kduve 'of six,, jMTA~f-'" > jouvai. r"j • shouts, h&ija- 'takes care'; lliiuTA-L- > uu a- (S) pAiija- 'attempts to catchj' Example: alT A-L Vej > Vij. l . tsni-X >> kantsel 'pulpit. • I> i ~amples: hu~ffl-Lt > h~';'~it 'wolves,· ko8kKI-L > kooki 'of the kitchen, • tittisA-X > ta~tis 'important,' elektErl-

elektri 'of electricity.

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