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By Margaret Trawick

Enemy strains captures the extreme tale of girls and boys coming of age in the course of a civil conflict. Margaret Trawick lived and labored in Batticaloa in japanese Sri Lanka, the place millions of youths were recruited into the Sri Lankan armed resistance stream often called the Tamil Tigers. This compelling account of her studies is a strong exploration of ways kids reply to the presence of struggle and the way adults have spoke back to the presence of kids during this clash. Her superbly written account, which include voices of the teens and teenagers who've joined the Tamil Tigers, brings alive a zone the place formative years, war, and play became commingled in an international of constant uncertainty.

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Although the Mahavamsa never mentions other forms of Buddhism, one of the motives for its composition may have been to shore up the position of Theravada monastic communities in relation to Lankan kingly states, as these monastic communities found themselves losing the patronage of Indian kings to other religions. If the dating is correct, then the Mahavamsa would have been composed around the end of the Sangam period in southern India. ) were being put into writing in southern India. I say “put into writing” because all three texts would have had oral precursors that went much further back in time.

It becomes apparent that bhikkus in Buddhist Lanka played the same role as Brahmans in Hindu South India—they accepted gifts from a king who had obtained them by violent and polluting means, including warfare, and by their acceptance of the gifts puriWed the king of his sin. The Mahavamsa is not about good versus evil. Nor is it about Sinhalese versus Tamils. It is an eVort to reconcile the bloody history of kingship and conquest on the island with institutionalized Buddhism: to give divine sanction to the lineage of kings and the stories of their exploits and to portray the community of bhikkus as indispensable to legitimate governance by Sinhala kings.

The Mahavamsa and Silappadikaram-Mañimekalai are not only seminal narratives in their respective cultures but also originate from approximately the same place and time. The place was the area within a radius of three hundred miles from Adam’s Bridge, a series of islands connecting Sri Lanka with India. The time was a period of about three hundred years when Mahayana Buddhism was at its height in the Tamil country and Theravada Buddhism was coming into its own on the island of Lanka. qxd 30 1/29/2007 4:16 PM Page 30 T H E PA ST Despite the numerous diVerences between the Tamil and the Pali or Sinhala texts, their representations of kingship have some points in common.

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