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By Zhao Yang Dong; Pei Zhang

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Proceedings of Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering, 25 – 28 May 1997, pp 403 – 406 Makarov YV, Hardiman RC (2003) Risk, reliability, cascading, and restructuring. IEEE PES General Meeting, vol 3, pp 1417 – 1429 Michigan Public Service Commission (2003) Report on august 14th Blackout Mili L, Qui Q, Phadke AG (2004) Risk assessment of catastrophic failures in electric power systems, Int J crit infrastruct 1(1): 38 – 63 Motter AE, Nishikawa T, Lai YC (2002) Range-based attack on links in scale-free networks: are long-range links responsible for the small-world phenomenon.

7 Power System Vulnerability Assessment In addition to the many system parameters closely related to power system vulnerability, over recent years, terrorist attacks have been recognized as an emerging scenario need to be considered in system planning and operations. Correspondingly, given that the loss of large blackouts is usually huge, identifying the vulnerability of power grids and defending terrorist attacks becomes urgent and important work for governments and researchers. The power system is one of the most important critical infrastructures for a country.

It is able to provide HPC and access to remote, heterogeneous and geographically separated data over the vast area. This technology is mainly developed by E-science community (EUROGRID, NASA IPG, PPDG, GridPP), but nowadays it is widely used in many research fields like oil and gas fields, banking, and education. Grid computing has provided large contributions in these areas. , 2005; Axceleon and PTI, 2003). Grid computing can provide efficient and effective computing services in order to meet the increasing need of high performance computation in power system reliability and security analyses which are facing today’s power industry.

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