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By Abu Ammaar Yasir

A great booklet in regards to the maximum and so much noble kind of worship: du'a - a plea from the very center of a believer directed in the direction of Allah (swt). it's in contrast to the other publication in its box because it bargains with the character, value, and standing of du'a in a Muslim's lifestyles. the aim of this ebook is to facilitate the reader in the direction of acquiring "practical" profit, via employing what he reads in his way of life. This analyzing is vital. during this paintings, the writer elaborates at the prestige, value, and etiquette of dua' in Islam. within the such a lot finished paintings but to be written in English at the subject, the writer discusses, between different issues: the distinction and merits of du'a the kinds of du'a the pre-conditions which are wanted to ensure that a du'a to be accredited the prompt etiquette of appearing du'a the timings and occasions within which a du'a is likely to be responded some of the elements that reduction or hinder a du'a from being approved the connection of du'a with the Divine Decree (qadr) the knowledge in the back of a behind schedule reaction and plenty of different proper issues.

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