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By Leibniz Gottfried Wilhelm

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They crept cautiously down the bank in, search of their lost companions, exclaiming and pointing. Barcelona turned his submachine gun on them and we sat hunched up in the reeds awaiting developments. ” They came tumbling out and Barcelona opened fire. The first to fall was the sergeant. For the rest, some ran back into the trees and others crumpled up and lay still. After it was over, we lay still ourselves, crouched in the stinking brown waters, not daring to show our heads. And hour passed. Another hour began.

Word was sent to Eicke that the men who were dying, the men who had been his former comrades, were one and all expressing a wish to speak with him. He waved his hands impatiently. He was a man with a mission, he had no time to indulge in- sentimental farewells. “Get rid of them! Just check their names and get it over with! ” The furies and follies of that day were not quickly forgotten in Germany. It was those massacres of June 30 which accelerated the rise to power of a trio of men: Himmler, vain as any peacock and hitherto a totally unknown bureaucrat; Heydrich, a disgraced naval officer; and Theodore Eicke, a publican from Alsace.

Unfortunately, my poor Ernst, you have a tendency to live in the past. The Fuhrer is concerned only with the present. ” He smiled and smoothed down his uniform. “Out of deference, I shall now retire and leave the final arrangements to you. All I ask is that you don’t make things more difficult than you have to—we are, after all, old friends, are we not? And I can promise you that this really is the best way out. ” From his pocket he pulled out a page of the Volkischer Beobachter and handed it to Rohm.

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