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By James A. Reimer

Might the typical churchgoer at the present time communicate intelligently on divine will, the sacraments, or the Trinity? Or has the fashionable, western church principally forgotten its creeds? And does it even subject? A. James Reimer believes that it does topic, and that the church ignores those discussions at its personal peril. In those brief, obtainable essays, Reimer methods the dogmas of the Christian religion with humor, perception, and mind's eye. right here fundamentals resembling heaven, hell, prayer, and judgment are defined with old perception and modern application-Anabaptist Mennonite priorities yet with appreciation for the church's wider historic context and traditions. Reimer refuses to think about those themes both too arguable or too uninteresting. really, he imagines interesting encounters with the mysteries of religion which could in basic terms come from a dogmatic mind's eye. 108 Pages.

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We find ourselves living in other eras. In a dream, the future might as well be past, the past future, down up, and up down. Time stands still, is interrupted, or reversed. Anything is possible. Current scientific theories of relativity, the curvature of space and time, the interchangeability of energy and matter—popularized in science fiction and futuristic movies— add nothing new to the world of dreams. The Bible is full of such dreams and visions—the metamorphosis of spirit into matter, matter into spirit, the suspension of time.

One has the sense that the lavish paintings of divine realms on the ceilings are but fanciful projections of the mind, and that faith remains trapped within the human sphere. Mennonites have always prided themselves on the plainness of their church buildings, partly out of necessity (to escape detection in the early years), but also for theological reasons. Simple buildings emphasize a simple style of life and worship, and the importance of human relationships. What kind of imagining about God does this inspire?

In the early 1990s, we played a small part in helping a family of four—a Serbian father, Croatian mother, and two small children—emigrate to Canada from the former Yugoslavia. They had seen how it is that good, loving people in times of crisis can become vicious and cruel. Who knows what demons lurk in our subconscious? Job, the Psalmist, Paul, St. Augustine, and Luther knew all about this long before Freud. The author of Genesis too had remarkable insight into the fallen nature of the world. In the creation accounts, human beings are given special status (created in the likeness of God) with special responsibility to take care of the world.

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