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By Elizabeth Moon

As soon as a sheepfarmer's daughter, now a pro veteran, Paksenarrion has proved herself an impressive fighter. Years with Duke Phelan's corporation have taught her weaponry, self-discipline, and the way to react as a part of an army unit. Now, although, Paks feels spurred to a solitary future. opposed to the chances she is approved as a paladin-candidate by means of the Fellowship of Gird. Years of research will keep on with, for a paladin has to be versed in international relations and magic in addition to the scuffling with arts. yet, sooner than she is totally educated, Paks is termed to her first challenge: to find the fabled stronghold of Luap. the way in which is lengthy, the risks many - and not anyone is aware no matter if she is going to locate glory or damage.

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For a pony, she’s nice—even beautiful. But she is a pony, and human-bred; she is not an elfbred horse. There’s a difference. ” They both looked. Windfoot cocked an ear back and whuffled, whether at Star or Paks was uncertain. Paks could not sustain her anger, with Windfoot’s elegant form before her. Macenion seemed to recognize the moment her anger failed, because he went on. “If you’re carrying a magical item, without knowing it perhaps, it could be dangerous— or very helpful. Magical items in the hands of the unskilled—” Paks bristled again.

Macenion, meanwhile, mended the broken rein. They traveled until nearly dark, hardly speaking. Chapter Three «^» More than ever paks realized how she had depended on the plain honesty of her friends in the Duke’s Company. Perhaps they were not magicians or elves with mysterious powers— but they did not pretend to powers they did not have. What they promised, they performed. And in a fight of any kind, they would never leave her behind, possibly injured or dead. Now, wandering in the mountain wilderness with Macenion for a guide, she wondered if he even knew where they were.

Wolves, he’d said, were scarce in this region. The wild cats were too small to attack them, at least until they were high above timber-line. If they saw a snowcat, he said—but Paks had never heard of snowcats. “I’m not surprised,” said Macenion, with his usual tone of superiority. “They are large— very large. ” Paks had not, but hated to admit it. “Hmph. Well, snowcats are about three times that size, with long tails. ” Macenion frowned. Paks saw his shoulders twitch. Finally he answered. “Souls,” he said.

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