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Farajallah (1963, pp. 433-4). 1 1 Profiles of the Third World 39 between the African bloc and the Latin American and Asian blocs who feared increased aid to Africa would reduce the aid they were receiving. M. (Union Africaine et Malgache), for example, expressed a strong preference for the latter policy. Most of the Third World countries are agreed on the vital need for stabilising the prices of raw materials, more especially for prices determined not so much by the operations of world markets but by reference to the price of manufactured goods; on the need for freedom of trade there is much less unanimity, for countries such as the African states associated with the E.

It produced a world (a world Examined more fully by Beguin (1963, pp. 114-16). Dealt with by Chevemy (1961) and Dumont (1962). a Levi-Strauss (1962, p. 6). 1 1 Profiles of the Third World 31 containing two-thirds of humanity) whose existence was that of, at the best, half men, living poorly and living briefly, living in the twilight world of the illiterate, living in the brutalising certainty that half of their children would perish of hunger or preventable disease before adolescence.... Living alongside the West somewhat as Dickens, in A Tale of Two Cities, describes the Parisian crowds faced with the Marquis: 'So cowed was their condition, and so long and hard their experience of what such a man could do to them, within the law and beyond it, that not a voice, or a head or even an eye was raised ...

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