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By Andre Norton

Stumbling upon an deserted send, Captain Jellico and the workforce of the sun Queen grab the prize and declare the fitting to salvage the derelict vessel, in simple terms to turn into the ambitions of a mystery alien hijacking ring out to sabotage their declare.

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This place has communication technology that we've probably never heard of. We don't know who might be listening in, and why, and there's no use in finding out the hard way. " He paused and looked around. The others all nodded or made murmurs of agreement. Jellico's hard mouth lost some of its tension as he turned his gaze to Frank Mura. " A couple of people sighed, and Dane grimaced in sympathy. He hated living in microgravity, and made a mental note to find the equivalent of a Kanddoyd public gym if there was such a thing down at the one-grav section, so he could work out and not lose his muscle tone.

Through the door, and into pleasant scents of fresh flowers. Kanddoyd music played softly from somewhere; not melodic, but the complicated rhythms were pleasing to the Terran ear. They had to go through two or three levels of functionaries, each of whose jobs apparently existed to prevent the applicant the disappointment of discovering that his forms were incorrect. After the customary exchanges of compliments, Laktic proffered the spool, with its unmistakable sigil of Trade Administration, and the helpers all bowed them on their way.

Rael gained a hasty impression of all this artistic beauty, but what drew her attention and kept it was the large holofract of Terra spinning slowly in the middle of the room. All the plants and furnishings were planned around the vast fractal image, evolving slowly to a logic of its own in mimicry of a distant planet that Flindyk would never see again. Rael moved closer, admiring the loving detail that highlighted each familiar mountain range and body of water. There were even white spirals moving gently across each hemisphere, realistic weather patterns that made Rael feel a sudden, intense longing to go home.

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