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Punktown: proven by way of Earth colonists on a far off global, a crime-ridden megalopolis peopled by way of numerous races. there's Stake, the non-public detective with chameleon-like talents he can't regulate. there's his filthy rich patron, Fukuda, whose corporation mass produces lifestyles types for exertions and as playthings. there's Fukuda's attractive teenage daughter, whose useful specific dwelling doll has been stolen. and there's the doll itself, turning out to be in measurement and resentment. in the meantime, at an deserted condominium complicated with a depressing historical past, a difficult road gang and a band of mutant squatters were trapped within via bioengineered existence types mindlessly bent on destroying them like an infestation of vermin. The destinies of most of these members will converge and collide.

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That was okay by Stake. He didn’t really want to reminisce all that much Jeffrey Thomas 53 with other Blue War vets. But then, he asked himself sometimes, why did he even come to this place when he felt in the need of a brew? Maybe it was a distant camaraderie, safely filtered. Maybe it was something like a programmed behavior. He was used to that, from those bloody years. Watt had told him what some of the older vets had claimed: that two decades ago, a crew of veterans from the Klu-Koza Conflict had come in here from time to time.

This was his habit. He had tried not to let his gaze remain on John Fukuda for very long. And yet… Fukuda startled him by reaching out and taking his chin. It was not a forceful gesture, but Stake Jeffrey Thomas 37 complied with it and let his client stare directly into his face. “Amazing,” Fukuda said in a tone of fascination. With every moment since they had been alone together, Jeremy Stake’s eyes had subtly grown narrower. They had even, at last, developed a fold of skin over their inner corners in what is called the epicanthus.

His belly was a bloodless white, but his translucent flesh shaded to a grayer color toward his back. There was a scattering of black speckles there, too, and on the back of his hairless head. Two chubby arms like those of a baby, and two even chubbier legs, all ending in webbed paws. From that speckled back sprouted two cute Jeffrey Thomas 61 little wings, ribbed rather like the fins of a fish. And the face… Well, there was no face, really. No eyes, no ears, no nose, no mouth. The lumpen head possessed no features other than an outgrowth of thick tendrils like those of an anemone in the place where a nose and mouth should have been, had Dai-oo-ika been a human infant.

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