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By Thomas M. Reid

An event that includes the loup du noir (skin-changer).

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The Boyar’s Hall. Surrounded by a sturdy palisade of leather-bound logs, Gregor’s hall is a grand building. Thick fir-log beams support a high roof shingled with bark. A foundation of fieldstone and wood-plank flooring make the boyar’s home the strongest and most luxurious building in the entire domain. Gregor’s hall and its residents are described in detail in the next encounter. The Church. Constructed from thick wooden planks, this building is obviously different from the log cabins of the villagers.

Keep up the pressure on the party by making them wonder if they will find Gregor’s cave in time. When the PCs locate Gregor’s cave, the boyar emerges to challenge T If the PCs salted Gregor’s pelt before he vanished from his hall in Vorostokov, he is vulnerable to normal weapons. Otherwise, the PCs must first poison him with the salt and wolfsbane mixture before he is vulnerable. Gregor must be struck by a type S or P weapon coated with the mixture, and then he is allowed to roll a saving throw vs.

Gregor admires courage and fighting skill, and he would like nothing more than to make allies out of the characters who have opposed him. my hall in Vorostokov, I ou were un 1 . . then it is clear e my warriors. I shall Gregor removes weapons, armor, spell components, and all gear except for basic clothing. He might miss a magical cloak, ring, or pair of boots. The characters are not released together, but instead one at a time, with ld3 boyarsky and ld3 normal wolves in pursuit of each individual.

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