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By Jean Webster

A trustee of the toilet Grier orphanage has provided to ship Judy Abbott to school. the one specifications are that she needs to write to him each month and that she will by no means be aware of who he's. Judy's existence in school is a whirlwind of buddies, periods, events and a transforming into friendship with the good-looking Jervis Pendleton. With a lot occurring in her lifestyles, Judy can scarcely cease writing to 'Daddy-Long-Legs', or brooding about who her mysterious benefactor is...

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So much easier and more accurate than trying to keep it in your head. Julia Pendleton dropped in this evening to pay a social call, and stayed a solid hour. She got started on the subject of family, and I COULDN'T switch her off. She wanted to know what my mother's maiden name was—did you ever hear such an impertinent question to ask of a person from a foundling asylum? I didn't have the courage to say I didn't know, so I just 35 miserably plumped on the first name I could think of, and that was Montgomery.

Here is my physiology exam. Do you think you could have passed? 57 LOCK WILLOW FARM, Saturday night Dearest Daddy-Long-Legs, I've only just come and I'm not unpacked, but I can't wait to tell you how much I like farms. This is a heavenly, heavenly, HEAVENLY spot! The house is square like this: And OLD. A hundred years or so. It has a veranda on the side which I can't draw and a sweet porch in front. The picture really doesn't do it justice—those things that look like feather dusters are maple trees, and the prickly ones that border the drive are murmuring pines and hemlocks.

My tower is just a trifle lonely; when nine people occupy a house that was built for four hundred, they do rattle around a bit. Eleven pages—poor Daddy, you must be tired! I meant this to be just a short little thank-you note—but when I get started I seem to have a ready pen. Goodbye, and thank you for thinking of me—I should be perfectly happy except for one little 34 threatening cloud on the horizon. Examinations come in February. Yours with love, Judy PS. Maybe it isn't proper to send love? If it isn't, please excuse.

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