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By Ken Rexford

Every person be aware of that control-showing bids are the specialist path to slam. This ebook covers many of the key thoughts of bidding, supplying avid gamers some ways to imagine via and enhance their online game.

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With firstround control in both suits, cuebid 4♣, the cheaper first-round control. A double bypass (4♥), if a cuebid (as it would be here, with spades agreed), also shows first-round control in both suits. 32 ♠ Cuebidding at Bridge -3- DEFINING THE JUMPS Now that we have looked at the basics of cuebidding, it’s time to refine our sequences by exploring the meanings attached to jumps. To some extent, jump cuebids are system-dependent: if your system has few or no sequences where trumps are agreed at the two-level in a game-forcing auction, then the opportunities for jump cuebids are severely limited.

Responder can now picture strong slam possibilities. Since West is known to have 5-2-4-2 pattern, it’s likely that there are at most two losers (one diamond and one heart), so it is worth exploring for slam. The first priority is the diamond strength, so East wields the ‘Your Suit’ asking bid, 4♥. West has all three top honors in diamonds, missing the jack. This being the fourth step, his answer would be 5♦. This leaves East with only one asking bid below 5♠, the ‘My Suit’ asking bid (first of the remaining possibilities, in priority).

His flaw cannot be trumps, as his 3♣ cuebid promised good trumps. The delayed action flaw would be the most logical. We know opener to have a top club honor. If that top honor were the queen, he would have made an earlier Picture Jump Splinter. Hence, we know that the top club honor is the ace or the king. The Yummy Toes asking bids are still used, including the My Suit asking bid, even if you splinter into partner’s suit. Partner may want to know if you have a singleton honor in his suit. You should not make a Picture Splinter with the singleton ace or singleton king, but you may still have the singleton queen or singleton jack.

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