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By Norma Gleason

Over a hundred cryptogrammatic puzzles, from uncomplicated Caesar ciphers to Null ciphers, Nihilist Transpositions, and so forth. Solutions.

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Cryptograms and Spygrams

Over a hundred cryptogrammatic puzzles, from uncomplicated Caesar ciphers to Null ciphers, Nihilist Transpositions, and so on. options.

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3. If Youth But Knew N J M N X H J s J I I P A S J J V N X D W I E H E B S X N E W H I S D H B U E B F J G X U J E I M P I J E S I P A S B E I N J S N X D L N S N P U I J T K E S S M J V S B K WX U U E W B M P T I X V T P s s 0 X T J. (Clues: Pattern word THOUGHT appears in the plaintext. ) Undivided Cryptograms 39 4. Creative Souls F N E Q N L 0 0 K L F L D K 0 E D U D K U S U K H H X 0 A T E H N L U D D E S H R E N 0 A T E N L V L J R J E D S L D R U E D H D K P H 0 T U E D R T L U N E A D A E N X K 0 K N A H C D L K C L N.

Note how many times cipher E appears in the top sentence. It represents five different plaintext letters. This throws the fre­ quency count off and confuses the poor solver. ). Finally, note that many letters of the alphabet are missing from the cipher key. If they were all present, we would have a simple one-to-one substitution of letters. To solve the Key Phrases in this chapter, work back and forth between key sentence (cipher “alphabet”) and cryptogram. Guess at probable words in the crypt and try them out in both crypt and cipher key, and vice versa.

Harder Cryptograms 33 3. Crackerjack D X Y U V M 0 B H L 0 C T Q c, L N B F A R A B; D> U T QB P U T M L QC s Y QC T 0 B Q c. S L Qc T T D B X B Q C H X U A T X B S, R LNC, E F Y Q C 0 J Qc Y A C A L S T L Q C (Clues: Did you note the title? Note repetition of digraph QC. When a cipher letter appears only at the end of a word, and only once, that letter is usually Y. ) 4. This One’s Tricky R V O A C O Q I X O A Z J V G U M A J-H U O C O Q I M Q D J R A C R U C J V W M Y M Q J Y , C Z J D M Y M Q J Y CM N X C J L G J Q A J M Y V G X N Y O A Z K X O C .

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