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Villefort then accuses her of murdering three people and of watching them die. But he tells her that "as public prosecutor" and because of the possibility that her execution would "taint the Villefort name," he will be merciful to her. com due in court to demand the death penalty for a murderer. If she is still alive when he returns home, he vows that she will be in prison by nightfall. The "Benedetto Case" produces a great sensation all over Paris. Everyone, it seems, knows about "Cavalcanti"; his splendid adventures are recounted in copious detail in the newspapers, alongside stories about his life in prison.

The Count realizes now that God is, as it were, offering Haydée to him so that he can be happy. He puts his arm around Haydée's waist and leaves, just as Maximilien awakens and is reunited with Valentine. Next morning at dawn, Jacopo gives Maximilien a note from Monte Cristo. In it, Monte Cristo tells Maximilien that in life, there is neither happiness nor unhappiness. One can only compare one with the other, and one must have suffered terrible despair if one is ever to know ultimate bliss. Both Maximilien and Valentine have known the depths of unhappiness; therefore, they will now know bliss.

He reminds her that she is rich, rich beyond measure, and then, businesslike, he announces that it is time for them to reconcile their individual financial balances. " Upstairs Albert tells his mother that he has enlisted in France's military forces. " He will henceforth use her maiden name in his new life, and he tells her further to make plans to go to Marseilles and claim the money which Edmond Dantès saved long ago and buried to be used after he was married to Mercédès. From a secret vantage point, Monte Cristo wonders if he can ever bestow happiness on these innocent creatures who have, by association with him, become victims of his vengeance.

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