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By Valentina Bianchi

The e-book means that the Antisymmetry idea, notwithstanding extra restrictive than the traditional X-bar concept, accurately characterizes the category of attainable constituent buildings.

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In fact, typological studies reveal that the specifier precedes the head in the majority of the known languages (cf. Greenberg's 1963 observation about the rarity of VOS, OSV and OVS orders); moreover, in case of incorporation the adjoined head is always to the left of its host (cf. the proposal by Kayne 1991 mentioned in fn. 5). Kayne also proposes a motivation for the universality of linear precedence. He postulates an abstract node A that is adjoined to the root of every phrase marker, 43 so that it has the property of asymmetrically ccommanding every other node in the phrase marker: for every node X of the phrase marker there will be an ordered pair .

Furthermore, by definition (13) restrictive relatives must be c-commanded by the determiner of the relative "head". In the Antisymmetry theory, there is only one structural analysis in which the relative clause is c-commanded by the determiner and linearly follows it: the relative clause is the complement of the determiner (Kayne 1994: 87) H (16) [DP D° CP] The D° head in (16) will be called the "external determiner" of the relative structure. Note that the structure in (16) is compatible with the DP hypothesis.

No me gusta el que tu actues asi. ' Moreover, Zaring (1992) argues that in French, the demonstrative ce introducing clausal complements to a preposition is a "clausal determiner" selecting CP: (19) Je veillerai [ΡΡά [DP ce [CP qu'il se couche de bonne heure]]]. ' This aspect of the analysis is (16) is thus supported by independent evidence. 6 The structure in (16) is reminescent of an early analysis in generative grammar in which the relative clause was generated as a sister to the determiner of the NP that it modified (cf.

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