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By C. M. Hawkey

Comparative Mammalian Haematology: mobile parts and Blood Coagulation of Captive Wild Mammals offers a serious evaluate of the hematology of the vertebrates. It discusses the features of blood parts of primates; the positive aspects of the purple cells of carnivores; and the various species of dogs. The ebook covers the blood elements of cats, monkeys, bears, mouse, horse, rhinoceros, pig, llama, boars, camels, and deer.
The publication promises worthwhile details to hematologists, biologists, scholars, and researchers.

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84 Survey Av. 6 10-12 No. 5 6-10 12 459 282-612 12 94 70-130 12 417 240-540 12 1000+ 12 546 300-1000 12 513 500-540 12 180 110-230 12 XII 487 230-560 1 xiii + Av. Range No. | Av. 5 | 1 | 1 VII 1 VIII 0-37 1 AF Eosinophils have cigar-shaped granules Results PT 1 Test | 1ixχ 1 1 ** | TP 60-157 animals Some red cells contain Howell Jolly bodies. See also ref. 2. For effect of diet on blood picture, see ref. 26 12 | PRIMATES 29 ANTHROPOIDEA CEBOIDEA CEBIDAE Cebus capucinus White-throated capuchin Survey Results 1 Test 1 Hb Ref.

1 Test Av. 0 9 Ref 86 Ref. 78 No. Av. 1 Av. 7 Av. 0 ELT Pg AF 11-25 animals See also ref s. 2, 75-83, 107. \ 31 animals 59 animals 37 PRIMATES Squirrel Monkey Result Survey Test Av. 2 IPTT 35 [RT 55 Ref. 78 No. Ref. 89 Av. Range Av. ±SD Av. 0 3 I 228 194-281 3 157 ±6 268 ±15 III 1v Ref. 88 3 10 animals *rabbit brain extract 11 animals 3 animals 38 PRIMATES ANTHROPOIDEA CERCOPITHECOIDEA CERCOPITHECIDAE Macaca nemes trina Pig-tailed macaque Survey Results Test Hb A v. 4 Ref. l 8 1 8 1 Ref. 21 Ref.

96 Survey Results Ref. 103 Test Av. Range No. | Av. Range Av. 64 1 4-21 animals 12 animals 42 PRIMATES ANTHROPOIDEA CERCOPITHECOIDEA CERCOPITHECIDAE Macaca mulatta Rhesus monkey Survey Results \ Test Hb Refi Av. Range No. Av. 6 42 Ref. 40 Range Av. Range Av. 5 6 *A further 12 animals had ELT's of 24 hours +. 15 76 Ref. 72 417 120-940 No. 7 0-12 228-760 200 animals For influence on blood count of stress see refs. 13, 30 sex see refs. 13, 32, 41 age see refs. 39, 50, 71 diet see ref. 24 pregnancy see refs.

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