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By José M. Loureiro, Mykola T. Kartel

This e-book follows up a sophisticated examine Workshop devoted to the topic of adsorption. It provides an up to date assessment of the most recent achievements within the synthesis, characterization and purposes of hybrid organic-inorganic fabrics and of carbon and mixed adsorbents. The modeling of the adsorption method, together with the simulation of carbon mask used for either civil and armed forces safety reasons can be addressed. comprises functions in environmental, army and post-disaster situations.

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The second procedure does not require the template removal via calcination, which makes it attractive from the viewpoint of green chemistry. This procedure utilizes the silica reactivity towards organosilanes, which leads to the displacement of surfactant or polymeric template from the self-assembled silica-template mesostructure and to the formation of covalent bonding with the silica surface (see Figure 1). 13,14 SH (or NH2) + + + + + + + + Si OR RO OR + + + + + + + + HS SH + + HS HS + + HS HS + + SH HS HS + + + HS HS SH SH SH HS HS SH HS SH HS SH HS SH HS SH - surfactant - bonded thiol(amino) group Figure 1.

Tate, O. Niwa, H. Zhou, T. Yamada, and I. Honma, Effect of the calcination temperature of self-ordered mesoporous silicate on its adsorption characteristics for aromatic hydrocarbons, New J. Chem. 29, 504-508 (2005). 39 Y. Ueno, A. Tate, O. S. Zhou, T. Yamada, and I. Honma, High benzene selectivity of mesoporous silicate for BTX gas sensing microfluidic devices, Anal. Bioanal. Chem. 382, 804-809 (2005). 40. P. Serrano, G. A. J. Gutierrez, Adsorption and hydrophobic properties of mesostructured MCM-41 and SBA-15 materials for volatile organic compound removal, Ind.

Introduction Since the first report on the MCM-41 silica in 1992,1,2 several thousands of papers have been published on ordered mesoporous materials (OMMs). M. T. ), Combined and Hybrid Adsorbents, 23–36. © 2006 Springer. 24 M. JARONIEC impressive progress has been achieved in the synthesis of novel OMMs via self-assembly of various organic and inorganic species. ,7 Stein,8 and references therein). 10 These organics have been used as soft templates in the self-assembly of organic and inorganic species.

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