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By Efner Tudor Holmes

Experience the Magic of Christmas...

It is Christmas Eve. An deserted grey cat shivers by myself within the chilly, snowy wooded area. In a close-by farmhouse, a tender boy concerns that Santa Claus will not be capable of are available in such undesirable climate. yet quickly the sour wind stops howling, and the sound of sleigh bells jewelry in actual fact during the woods. Neither the cat nor the boy is aware it, yet a small Christmas miracle is set to take place. loved illustrator Tasha Tudor's vintage kind provides this vacation story a undying appeal.

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David could not explain why he felt ill at ease, and thrust the thought aside. He had done it now -- he had entered a house. He was confused with so many impressions that he could not grasp anything properly at first. The house was full of things, and there were women in black dresses and white aprons who must be maids. And there was a very beautiful woman who turned out to be the children's mother, and she laughed and cried almost in the same breath, and it was very difficult to escape her caresses.

God of the green pastures and the still waters," he said softly, "I'm David. And I'm frightened ... not just ordinary fear that you always have -- worse than that. I want to beg a lift so that I can get quickly to another country, but I daren't. If you're strong enough to do something about what people think and feel right inside themselves, then will you please take this fear away, just long enough for me to wave to a lorry? And if it isn't greedy to ask for two things at once, will you let it be a good man that comes in the next one?

He wanted to hear music again, too, but the book was more important. He said it must be a book published before 1917. The children's father had smiled and asked why, but David had not dared to tell him it was because he wanted to be sure that what was in it was true and not something they had made up.

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