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One reason is that the aluminophosphate-based molecular sieves are thought of only as acid catalysts. On the other hand, aluminum phosphate, AlPO,, is a refractory material, and the thermal and chemical stability of AlPO, crystal is extremely high. The high stability of AlPO, may result from the strong bonds formed between A1 and PO, tetrahedra. In a similar manner, aluminophosphate molecular sieves generally exhibit high stability against heat and acid attack. In particular, the high thermal stability of AlPO-n-based molecular sieves is a noticeable advantage.

Cu content of the catalysts is 50 wt%. 0 = Cu/ZnO/Ga,O, 0 = Cu/ZnO/Cr,O, A = Cu/ZnO/Al,O, H = Cu/ZnO/ZrO, = Cu/ZnO (50/50) Figure 12 Methanol synthesis activity (MTY) at 523 K as a function of Cu surface area (from Reference 12, reprinted with permission). 16 Catalysis cific activity is not altered by the addition of Al,O, or ZrO,, though these metal oxides play a role in increasing the surface area of Cu. " have reported that the catalytic activity of Cu-ZnO catalysts can be explained simply by the surface area of Cu (see Figure lo), the addition of A1203or ZrO, improves the dispersion of Cu-ZnO without changing the specific activity, while G%O, and Cr203are not effective for increasing the dispersion but are effective for improving the specific activity.

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