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Don't try to squeeze in extra time because you're not really busy. Those things get noticed. Dress appropriately. Most offices have a dress code. Be sure to follow it. Above all, be discreet. Don't sit around gossiping. Even looking as if you're gossiping makes you look bad. Don't show up with a hangover. Don't try to challenge the smoking rules. Don't abuse sick leave. You may need a week's leave someday, and if you eat away at the time now, you won't have it later. Finally, don't complain about your boss to everyone who comes within earshot.

If you held office in a school or church group, mention it; it tells employers that you've handled responsibilities. Always work from your current job back. If you Page 51 held a lot of jobs for short periods of time, just mention the jobs, not the dates. Type your résumé, particularly if you're looking for typing work. Check for spelling errors. If you're still not sure exactly what to put in your résumé, check out a book on résumé writing. You can find them in the library as well as most bookstores.

The one with all the work experience, of course. But how in the world do you get work experience when you're still going to high school? Volunteering First of all, work experience doesn't have to be paid work experience. Volunteer work is just as Page 21 A good way to gain experience is by working as an intern. good. It's what you're learning that counts, not how much money you're making. When volunteering, look for opportunities to learn skills that will be useful in future jobs. Volunteer to help at the library in the summer.

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