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Been dumped, spilling the jalla all over the floor. (The woman is the polymorphed zin. Under the sheets, 3c. Cooking Area. The cooking area includes a brick fireplace, a few pots and pans, some cups and plates, and an assortment of eating utensils. The stove was tipped over, the pots dented and bent, the plates shattered. A 3-foot-square cloth flap covers an opening in the she holds a dune viper in each hand. ) 4e. Hole. This hole is similar to the hole in area 2g. The Zin’s Plan ceiling, used for extra ventilation when Fayiz cooks.

The storeroom contains Fayiz’s personal items. The zin cobra rests comfortably in the darkness. Also on the floor of the cabinet is a 12-foot giant has destroyed most of them. A few rounds after the first PC enters the room, a voice Giant cobra: Int animal; AL N; AC 5; MV 15; HD 4+2; from area 4 begins to cry, “Help! ” hp 27; THAC0 17; #AT 1; Dmg 1d3; SA poison (if save The voice sounds like that of an elderly woman, feeble vs. poison succeeds, victim suffers extra 10 points of and sickly. ) damage; if save vs.

Who are the people on the plain? ” (Any PC who makes a successful Intelligence check recognizes the name of Fahad al-Zakir, one shouts. “Come join us! ” philanthropists, noted for his charity work and generous If the party wishes to join the men, continue with the next section. If the party prefers to investigate the plain, go to the “Plain Talk” section (page 6). In the Shade of the Palm T he men introduce themselves as Daasim and Harid, two street cleaners from Tajar. They offer the player characters their bottle (containing grape wine, diluted heart.

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