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By Rafael Sabatini

Peter Blood, a doctor and an English gentleman turns into a pirate after agony a grave injustice. slightly escaping the gallows after his arrest for treating wounded rebels—who have been combating the oppressive King James—Blood is enslaved on a Barbados plantation. He escapes to Tortuga and turns into the chief of a colony of buccaneers.

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At the moment it struck him silent, and sent him stamping out of the shed in a rage for which he could find no words. It was two days later when the ladies of Bridgetown, the wives and daughters of her planters and merchants, paid their first visit of charity to the wharf, bringing their gifts to the wounded seamen. Again Peter Blood was there, ministering to the sufferers in his care, moving among those unfortunate Spaniards whom no one heeded. All the charity, all the gifts were for the members of the crew of the Pride of Devon.

The young man stared at him, roused by Blood’s pregnant tone out of the mental lethargy into which he had of late been lapsing as a result of the dehumanizing life he lived. Then he nodded understanding and assent, and they moved apart. The six months of plantation life in Barbados had made an almost tragic mark upon the young seaman. His erstwhile bright alertness was all departed. His face was growing vacuous, his eyes were dull and lack-lustre, and he moved in a cringing, furtive manner, like an over-beaten dog.

Youth and good looks! “If you mean what you seem to mean, you had better say it to Governor Steed. ” The doctor linked his arm through Peter’s. “I protest I desire to be your friend—to serve you. ” cried sardonic Mr. Blood. But the doctor took him literally. “I am no fool, my dear doctor. ” “If you can tell me mine, you’ll persuade me of it,” said Mr. Blood. Whacker drew still closer to him as they stepped along the wharf. He lowered his voice to a still more confidential tone. His hard blue eyes peered up into the swart, sardonic face of his companion, who was a head taller than himself.

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