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By P.S. Deshpande

Stay away from this e-book just like the plague.

The authors did a good task in offering the tips and ideas, yet this is why i don't suggest this book:
- Too Many mistakes within the resource code. I spent extra time debugging the code than really attempting to know about information constructions in C.
- Poorly Edited. It has many grammatical error and typos.

They must have by no means published this ebook.

Find one other ebook on info buildings do not waste some time with this one like I did.

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In the expression in statement H, the currency rate is substituted as 46. 6. h, then the currency rate will be 100. 7. ifndef is a complement of ifdef. So, when ifdef returns true, ifndef returns false. #if Introduction #if allows you to define more generalized conditions. Multiple conditions, which are connected by relational operators such as AND(&&), OR(||), are allowed. h> #if ((1>0) &&(defined (USD)) #define currency_rate 46 #endif //D #if (defined (UKP)) #define currency_rate 100 //F #endif //G main() { int rs; rs = 10 * currency_rate; //H printf ("%d\n", rs); } 52 //A // B //C // E Chapter 8: Preprocessing Chapter 8: Preprocessing 53 Explanation 1.

2f,%10d Program/Example Chapter 7: The scanf Function 47 48 Chapter 8: Preprocessing Type indicators • d, i Used for signed integers; the expected argument should be a pointer to int. • o Used for unsigned int expected's value. It should be an integer in octal form. • U Unsigned integer in decimal form. • X, X Unsigned integer in hexadecimal form. • E, E, f, g, G Floating-point values. • S Character string. It matches a sequence of non-whitespace characters terminated by an end-of-line or end-of-file character.

Memory is specified in arrays of bytes, the size of which depending on the type of variable. For the integer type, 2 bytes are allocated, for floats, 4 bytes are allocated, etc. h> main () { int i, j, k; 44 //A Chapter 6: Address and Pointers Chapter 6: Address and Pointers i = 10; j = 20; k = i + j; //D 45 //B //C printf ("Value of k is %d\n", k); } Explanation 1. Memory allocations to the variables can be explained using the following variables: 100,i 200, j 300,k 10 20 30 When you declare variables i, j, k, memory is allocated for storing the values of the variables.

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