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By David R. Shircliff

This quantity focuses totally on development the cheap, remote-controlled robotic, The «Questor». The ebook is illustrated with step by step, unique images of every level of the meeting approach. No complex digital or programming abilities are required, making the booklet appropriate for first-time experimenters. The emphasis is at the strategies had to construct the robotic, instead of at the idea of robotic layout.

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After you ha\'e matched the pieces, line up the predrilled 1I8-inch holes at the ends of each piece. If the holes оп the pieces do not Нпе up (which happened to те three-quarters of the time), clamp them together and redrill the 1/8-inch-diameter hole in both pieces at the same time. Next insert а 1/8-inch ri,'et into the hole and using а ri,'et gun "рор" the rivet to secure the pieces. The ri,'et gun you use should соте with directions. Опсе you ha\'e completed both the upper and lower sections of the framework, they must Ье joined together with two 20-inch connection pieces marked А and В.

American Robots. ) Тhis page intentionally lejt blank. CHAPTER О N Е ТНЕ MOTORIZED PLATFORM he motorized platform is а most important part of Questor's construction. It not only supplies the robot with mobility, but contributes to its personality and appeal. Although simple in construction, the platform outlined in this chapter is сараЫе of carrying 50 pounds of robot. То start its construction, the first job to perform is to prepare the motorized wheels that propel the platform. T PREPARING MOTORIZED WHEELS Once you have obtained the motorized wheels, study them and learn how they operate and how they are assembled.

Hole FIGURE 1-4. Suggested clamping method. FIG URE 1-5. Completed motorized wheel. 5 6 CHAPTER ONE :у;17a:;&Jw/#/ J "' ~ ~ / Platform >- 20" ~ 1-' ~\. FIGURE 1-6. 4" v Guide for cutting platform; remove and save excess wood. to mark the plywood for cutting. After you cut the platform from the stock plywood, sand the cut edges to ren1O\'e апу splinters. Sa\'e the lefto\'er plywood; it will Ье used later. То mount the motorized wheels оп the platform you must first dril1 two 3/4-inch-diameter holes to accommodate the posts of the wheel frame.

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