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By Anna Sewell

This publication describes the adventures, disappointments and joys of a really distinct hose. As a tender colt, Black attractiveness gallops within the clean eco-friendly meadows together with his cherished mom Duchess and their type grasp. but if his proprietors are compelled to promote him, he is going from a lifetime of freedom and happiness to at least one of labour. Bravely he works as demanding as he can, ache by the hands of guys who deal with animals cruelly. yet Black attractiveness has an unbreakable spirit and a powerful will, and is decided to outlive.

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This was a little joke of John9s ; he used to say that a regular course of "the Birtwick horse-balls" would cure almost any vicious horse; these balls, he said, were made up of patience and gentleness, firmness and petting, one pound of each to be mixed up with a pint of common-sense, and given to the horse every day. CHAPTER IX. MERRYLEGS. Mr. Bloomfield, the Vicar, had a large family of boys and girls ; sometimes they used to come and play with Miss Jessie and Flora. One of the girls was as old as Miss Jessie; two of the boys were older, and there were several little ones.

When Mr. Bond, the farrier, came to look at the black horse that lay groaning on the grass, he felt him all over, and shook his head ; one of his legs was broken. Then some one ran to our master9s house and came back with a gun ; presently there was a loud bang and a dreadful shriek, and then all was still; the black horse moved no more. My mother seemed much troubled; she said she had known that horse for years, and that his name was "Rob Roy;" he was a good horse, and there was no vice in him.

The Golden Rule Dolly And A Real Gentleman Seedy Sam .... Poor Ginger . The Butcher .... The Election . A Friend In Need . Old Captain And His Successor Jerry9s New Year . 123 128 132 137 143 148 152 157 161 164 167 169 i74 178 PART IV. Jakes And The Lady ...... Hard Tjmes ........ Farmer 1 Hokoughgood And His Grandson Willie My Last Home .... 184 188 193 197 FIRST place that I can well remember was a large pleasant meadow with a pond of clear water in it. Some shady trees leaned over it, and rushes and water-lilies grew at the deep end.

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