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By Josef Neumann

Описание медных монет мира. Третий том включает в себя монеты Азии, Африки и обеих Америк. В этом томе - около forty фототаблиц с монетами.

Если бы еще первый том найти, было бы совсем замечательно.

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Медные монеты мира. 2-й том

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Here’s what I suggest, especially after being here last night. Isn’t it time you considered hiring another chef, or at least some prep staff who can be trained just the way you’ve trained Karen? ” Erik demanded. “Because you need the help, anyway,” Helen said before Dana Sue could answer. “Karen wasn’t scheduled last night and it was crazy in the kitchen. If I hadn’t shown up—” “We’d have managed,” Erik interrupted. ” “Come on, Erik, Helen’s right,” Dana Sue cut in. “We really are understaffed for the size of the dinner crowd lately.

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