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By Jean-Paul Sartre

The customarily criticized philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre encompasses the dilemmas and aspirations of the person in modern society. This paintings of energy and epic scope presents a bright research for all who may comprehend essentially the most influential philosophic events of this or any age. Reissue.

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In the light of this development we can see that every attempt to define courage is confronted with these alternatives: either to use courage as the name for one virtue Courage and Wisdom The Stoics 9 among others, blending the larger meaning of the word into faith and hope; or to preserve the larger meaning and interpret faith through an analysis of courage. This book follows the second alternative, partly because I believe that "faith" needs such a reinterpretation more than any other religious term.

For Spinoza the latter is an implication of the former. Since virtue and the power of self-affirmation are identical, and since "generosity" is the act of going out toward others in a benevolent affect, no conflict between self-affirmation and love can be thought of. This of course presupposes that self-affirmation is not only distinguished from but precisely the opposite of "selfishness" in the sense of a negative moral quality. Self-affirmation is the ontological opposite of the "reduction of being" by such affects as contradict one's essential nature.

As a new student at the Harvard Divinity School in the fall of 1965, I attended, a s did nearly everybody else, the memorial service for Paul Tillich, who had died that autumn. There the great and the good spoke their tributes. Of his influence upon the young, President Nathan Marsh Pusey said: He saw more clearly than most the predicament of the intelligent, educated, concerned people in the twentieth century who had been cut off from the energies of faith by the cultural orthodoxies of this period.

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