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By Eric Schneider

Cal Rahm is a superb mining engineer destined for a glittering profession. He drops out after a terrorist assault destroys his examine station. His fiancée used to be killed within the assault, and he loses the desire to head on. After a string of guide jobs, together with a spell as a mercenary, battling off antagonistic tribes and bandits, he symptoms up for a freelance on Mars. the invention of a miracle mineral on this planet has unfolded possibilities for individuals like him. It bargains the opportunity to earn a massive pay packet. And to flee the ghosts of the previous that hang-out his nightmares.

There are threats Rahm has to unravel on Mars, threats past something he can have expected. Taurons, the vicious extraterrestrial beings from outdoors the sunlight approach who intend to extract the valuable trevanium for his or her sole use. company greed that threatens to shatter the complete undertaking with vulnerable and ineffectual administration. A killer within Mars Base who threatens all of them. And Gabi Aaronsen, a lady he has to guard from all of them.
Battleground Mars is a technology Fiction mystery full of breakneck motion, brutal conflict scenes, and exciting technological know-how that tricks at a destiny that's greater than credible. A needs to learn for lovers of the Sci-Fi style.

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I’m Josh DeVries. ” The guy was short and completely bald, his face wrinkled from too much exposure to the elements. Rahm shook hands, and discovered that Josh had a grip of steel. His gaze was honest and direct. ” “Thanks, Josh. I’m Rahm, this is Saul Packer. ” “It’s no secret, my first name’s Cal, short for Caleb. They’ve called me Rahm since, well, a long time ago. ” “That useless creature Ryles described them as ‘quite tall’, did he? That’s a pile of bullshit. They’re enormous, built like tanks.

Extracting the rare and valuable resource would result in some hefty pay packets for all of them. ” “It’ll transform my bank account, that’s for sure,” Saul grinned. Using trevanium it was possible to start a chemical reaction, whereby atmospheric pollutants bonded with the mineral catalyst to output pure, clean air. He had heard of the mineral in the early days of his career, although he’d had other priorities. After completing his doctoral degree Rahm was appointed director and chief engineer of a multi-billion dollar research station.

Then he shook his head. ” “Something like that. ” He looked at the people seated in front of Saul and Rahm. ” Rahm nodded. “Yep, that’s Brad Haakon, Kaz Yasan, and Nathan Wenders. Our technician is Kacy Lakkin. ” He noticed that Nathan was sitting slightly apart from the others, his face morose as usual. He recalled their first meeting at the funeral service for Christine Blake. Rahm had stood at the back of the old church. The cool, dark interior was dimly lit by shafts of sunlight that penetrated the stained glass windows.

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