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By Jenneke A. Oosterhoff

Basic Dutch: A Grammar and Workbook contains an obtainable reference grammar and similar workouts in one volume.

This Workbook provides twenty-five person grammar issues in practical contexts, offering a grammatical strategy with a view to let scholars no longer already conversant in those buildings to develop into conversant in their use. Grammar issues are by means of examples and routines permitting scholars to augment and consolidate their learning.

Suitable for sophistication use or self-study, uncomplicated Dutch introduces Dutch tradition and folks in the course of the medium of the language used this present day, offering scholars with the fundamental instruments to specific themselves in a large choice of situations.

Features include:
• precious workouts and an entire resolution key
• grammar tables for simple reference
• common comparative references to English grammar
• an appendix of abnormal verbs
• an index of grammatical phrases.

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Sample text

4 Answer the questions following the example, and write out the numbers and measures as you would say them in the answers. The last two are ordinal numbers. Example: Lisa, hoe lang ben jij? (1,73 m) ⇒ Ik ben één meter drieënzeventig. 1 Nico, hoeveel biertjes drink je per dag? (3) Ik drink __________ biertjes per dag. 2 Berend, hoe groot is je kamer? (16 m2) Mijn kamer is _____________ 3 Selma, wanneer ben je jarig? (15 juli) Ik ben op ________________ ________ jarig. 4 Sjoerd, hoe lang ben jij?

Where’s your book? Don’t you have it? ons jullie, u ze, hun, hen BD-C08 19/01/2009 10:45 AM Page 53 Notes Notes 1 As is the case with the subject forms of the personal pronoun, the object forms have stressed and unstressed forms in the first, second, and third person singular. e. what part of the sentence one wants to emphasize. In the sentence, for example, Geef me even je pen, the indirect object me is less important in the context than the object pen, and so pen is stressed. But in the sentence Voor mij een pils, graag, the speaker puts the emphasis on mij to distinguish him- or herself from the other guests in the group who might order something different.

Nee joh, ik drink vier ______________ . Nee, ik rook drie _______________, erg hè? Nee, meestal eet ik twee _______________ . Ja, en op zondag twee _______________ . O nee, een heel pak _______________ . Eh, nou, liever twee _______________ . BD-C07 19/01/2009 10:45 AM Page 51 8 En bij de wijn meer dan één pinda? 9 Eet je wel eens een appel? 10 Maar toch wel eens een banaan? Natuurlijk, een hand vol _______________ . De kinderen eten alle _______________ . Nee, ik lust geen _______________ . 5 Kind, wat eet je ongezond!!

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