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Table 3 supposes you play out your hand before the dealer checks the hole card, and if the dealer has a natural you lose your whole bet on doubles or splits. In this case, the only time you should put out an extra bet when the dealer might have a natural is when you have ace-ace against 10. Go ahead and split those aces against a 10, but hit ace-ace against ace, do not split 88 against 10 or ace, and do not double down against ace or 10. If surrender is allowed, then surrender 8-8 against both 10 and ace.

30 BASIC BLACKJACK Table 1 Generic Basic Strategy Dealer's Upcard Player's 4 2 3 5 6 8 Hand 7 double not allowed after split spI spI spI spI spi spI spI A-A 10-10 spI spI spI spI spi spI 9-9 spI spI spI spI spi spI spI 8-8 spI spI spI spI spi spI h 7-7 spI spI spI spi h h h 6~6 db db db db db db db 5-5 h h h h 4-4 h h h spI spI spi spI h h h 3-3 spI spI spi spI h h h 2-2 soft 21 soft 20 soft 19 soft 18 dbs dbs dbs dbs h db db soft 17 h db db h h db db db h h soft 16 h h h db db db soft 15 h h h h h db db soft 14 h h h h h h h soft 13 h db hard 21 hard 20 hard 19 hard 18 hard 17 h h hard 16 h hard 15 h h h hard 14 h hard 13 h hard 12 h h h h 11 db db db db db db db 10 db db db db db db db h db db db 9 h db h h h h h h 8 h h h h h 7 h h h h h h h h h h 6 h h h h h h h 5 h 9 10 A spI spI spI spI spI h h db h h h.

The special payouts apply from midnight to midnight. According the Snyder and Dalton newsletters, the Alton Belle is all six decks with dealers hitting soft seventeen. You can double down after splitting. 6%. This news comes from a California subscriber. I am adding a year to his subscription as a thank-yOu. I called the Alton Belle (800-3367568) myself to confirm the details. rent Blackjack News, 1 December 1994 If a Natural Pays Other Than 3:2 The expected value of a higher or lower payoff on naturals can be calculated from table 5.

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