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It is a solid booklet at the fundamentals of Filipino knife scuffling with which covers very simple info. The illustrations are sufficient yet from time to time complicated. The four uncomplicated assaults of the minimize, rake, gouge and rip are mentioned, and even if I already knew the rules, there has been nonetheless a hearty dialogue. There are a number of vital key issues equivalent to the "Visayan Knife slicing Do's and Don'ts" and the "17 Slashes of Death". those 17 "Slashes" are the most vascular pathways that, if attacked, will bring about incapacitation. protective and Offensive drills are illustrated yet author/photographer don't make it transparent on who the particular individual is that we're presupposed to emulate (both put on black shirts).

It's an honest ebook yet there are much better titles than this one. it is worthy a learn yet extra element is roofed in different texts, corresponding to The Balisong guide and complex Balisong handbook via Jeff Imada.

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