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By Miguel Gama, Fernando Dourado, Stanislaw Bielecki

Bacterial Nanocellulose: From Biotechnology to Bio-Economy offers an outline at the present and destiny functions of bacterial nanocellulose, views at the ecology and economics of its construction, and a short ancient assessment of BNC similar companies.

  • Discusses contemporary progresses at the molecular mechanism of BNC biosynthesis, its legislation, and creation techniques
  • Covers advances within the use of BNC in bio- and nano-polymer composite materials
  • Presents a close fiscal research of BNC production
  • Provides an outline at the regulatory framework at the nutrients and biomedical fields
  • Reviews present study within the biomedical and nutrients industries, identifies gaps, and indicates destiny needs
  • Raises wisdom approximately this fabric and its power makes use of in emergent fields, akin to the improvement of aerogels and optoelectronic devices

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The molecular mass of the enzyme is 79 kDa. It attacks molecules of cellotriose or longer cellooligosaccharides from the nonreducing end, displays low activity toward cellobiose, and seems to exhibit also the glucosyltransferase activity [40]. The role of this protein in cellulose synthesis by Ga. xylinus or Ga. hansenii remains unknown. Although it is known that this enzyme is not necessary for the production of cellulose, the Ga. hansenii ATCC 23769 mutant with interrupted bglAx gene produced less 32 Chapter 2 cellulose than the wild strain.

Xylinus ATCC 700178 Corn fibers hydrolysate Ga. xylinus ATCC 700178 Soy flour extract Ga. xylinus 23769 Dry olive mill residue water Ga. sacchari extract Rice husk hydrolysate Ga. xylinus ATCC 23769 Coffee cherry husk extract Ga. hansenii UAC09 Cheese whey Ga. sacchari Milk whey Ga. xylinus ATCC 53582 Rotten fruit juice Ga. xylinus ATCC 53582 Ga. intermedius CGMCC 4663 Citrus waste Pineapple peel juice Ga. swingsii sp. Grape skins aqueous Ga. sacchari extract Crude glycerol residue Ga. sacchari Glycerol from biodiesel Ga.

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