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By Gregory D. S. Anderson

This can be the main entire survey ever released of the auxiliary verb building. Drawing on a database of over 800 languages Dr Anderson examines their morphosyntactic kinds and semantic roles. He investigates and explains the old alterations resulting in the cross-linguistic variety of inflectional styles, and provides his effects inside a brand new typological framework. He finds a lot that's new concerning the language households of the area and makes a tremendous contribution to the certainty in their nature and evolution.

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Ulwa f. Ulwa bikiska isd-i bang-ka yang bas-k-i kipt-i lau-yang children play-prox aux-pl:3 I hair-cnstr-1 comb-prox aux-1 ‘the children are playing’ ‘I am combing my hair’ (Hale 1991: 9) g. Miskitu h. Miskitu yang utla kum mak-i s-na yang utla kum mak-i kap-ri I house one build-prox aux-1 I house one build-prox aux-1:pst ‘I am building a house’ ‘I was building a house’ In the specialist literature on serial verb constructions there has been a tacit or explicit acknowledgment of the insights of the Role and Reference Grammar (RRG) framework for distinguishing two kinds of broad types of SVCs, viz.

These may include markers of tense, modality, aspect, argument properties, polarity, and Wniteness. The lexical verb occurs in some predetermined ‘dependent’ form, which may also include a bare/uninXected stem or gender/number-marked ‘nominal/adjectival’ forms. 1 Formal subtypes of aux-headed auxiliary verb constructions Many languages contrast various AVCs by both diVerent auxiliary verbs and/ or diVerent forms required of the attendant lexical verb, particular combinations being individually grammaticalized to mark various functional categories.

Tofa b. Tofa kir-e ver-gen men am uru:-nuŒ be`he: ÷nd÷å bol-u ve-:r de:S ÷na:r÷ child-3-gen head: 3 enter-cv asp-pst 1 to become-aux inch-p/f comp there ‘(otherwise) the child’s head would ‘I went into there’ become so’ (ASLEP Field Notes (MK623)) (43) Remo baƒ-o? 2 Negative polarity In a large number of languages, negative is expressed by means of a negative auxiliary element. This, for example, is a family-level characteristic of Uralic (although not attested as a synchronic AVC in every member of the family).

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