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So that somehow it might be worth noticing"—what can this mean? " This, however, I shall overlook; but the reason why I do not propose to enter into this plan is that I am fearful it might be a trap, so that, if I went into it, it would come about that the whole question and the statement of it would in a short time become quite different from what it is. The question is: "Was Bishop Mynster a witness to the truth, one of the genuine witnesses to the truth, one link in the holy chain of witnesses?

This done, he may then discover in church the sweet medicine, the Elixir of Immortality, qualified exoneration and total absolution. Only those who acknowledge their guilt can go free. The point is clear. The mystery of the Church is this: it is a fellowship which, far from suppressing individuality, nurtures it, nourishes it, brings it to full flower. It produces an individuality in anden Potens, in second potentiality, as Kierkegaard liked to put it. The Church may be compared to the mystery of marriage: bride and bridegroom, the two of them, become one flesh, and yet this is a oneness which does not annul the twoness.

To represent him in this fashion is essentially to make him ridiculous. For I can easily put the thing in another way, attacking from another side. To represent a man who by preaching Christianity has attained •This article, as one will see, is of December 28, delivered to the Fatherland when I saw that same evening, to my surprise, in the Berlin News, No. 302,5 that after all Bishop Martensen has not, as I was prepared to expect, the same idiosyncrasy in relation to short articles of mine as at one time he avowed he had in relation to "the prolix Kierkegaardian literature,"6 an idiosyncrasy which prevented him from making himself acquainted with it.

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