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By Valéria Molnár, Susanne Winkler

The structure of concentration deals the main distinctive and up to date characterization of the concept of concentration in linguistic thought. the quantity comprises brand-new and cutting edge papers that concentrate on the character of concentration and subject on the interfaces of the version of grammar. There are 4 major sections: (i) a common part, involved in the fundamental thought of the interplay of concentration and subject with the elements of grammar; (ii) the illustration of concentration on the syntax-pragmatics interface targeting language comparability; (iii) the phonological illustration of concentration and subject and its relation to that means; and (iv) the interplay of concentration and subject on the semantics-pragmatics interface with an emphasis at the suggestion of distinction. jointly the papers accumulated during this quantity current a cutting-edge account of the structure of concentration.

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Li and Thompson 1976, Reinhart 1981, Andersen 1991, Lambrecht 1994, 2002, Winkler and Göbbel 2002). The unmarked case thus results when subject-predicate structure is aligned with f-structure. We will see in the next section that such isomorphism is a requirement on extraction and provides an explanation for island constraints. If f-structure interpretation derives scopal readings, there is no need for syntactic or semantic scope rules nullifying one of the reasons for LF syntax. In Erteschik-Shir (1997) this approach to quantifier scope is elaborated more fully and further LF syntactic issues are shown to be derivable form f-structure as well.

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